Janice ParkerJanice Parker is an award winning independent choreographer and dance-maker. She creates performance, devises and facilitates performance based projects, is active in dance development, regularly teaches and collaborates with people of all ages and abilities, mentors professional dance artists and organisations, occasionally writes about dance, and has recently started to perform.

She is a dance artist with a distinctive voice. Her work is responsive to context, situation, place and, most importantly, the person. Originally Laban Movement trained, a primary focus of her work is the exploration and development of new movement vocabularies, creative possibilities, and the aesthetic potentials that come from non-traditionally trained bodies moving.

Based in Edinburgh, Scotland and working locally, nationally and internationally, Janice works with a big mixture of people from all walks of life. Her choreography might easily involve a hundred or more performers in large scale works, or be an intimate solo portrait focusing on the voice of a single performer. Her work can happen over a number of weeks or unfold over a number of years. She often mixes the community and the professional dance worlds, is known for her collaborations with and committment to the development and prominence of new disability-led performance and likes to inhabit and take up reMost recently Janice has turned her attention to the possibility and potential of older performers.

Over her 40 years of practice Janice has created a rich body of collaborative work. She makes live performance, movement for theatre, dance for camera and physical installations. She is an artist interested in collaborative, responsive, open-ended socially engaged practice. Her art-work is fundamentally an intervention and a force for positive change in the world, in art-making and in the organizations and people she works with.

In 2005 Janice was awarded a Creative Scotland Award that resulted in the publication ‘Take A Look At What is Actually There’, in 2010 her work Private Dancer received a Herald Angel Award, and in 2018 Janice was inducted as an “Outstanding Woman of Scotland’ by the Saltire Society and Glasgow Women’s Library