Creative Scotland RFO funding statement

Hello everyone,
Firstly we at JPP want to thank everyone for their support and concern – overwhelming in the best of ways and very, very appreciated. Thank you. We are currently reflecting on and working out what no longer being an RFO means for us and our way of working. We will keep you posted as we develop and change.
A wee word from Janice:
Thanks folks for all your support and good wishes – they really help and mean a lot! It is certainly a tumultuous time and I feel saddened, shocked, perplexed and concerned. I am not talking about me specifically or us at JPP here, though we are certainly in the mix, I am talking about the bigger picture of our cultural landscape, our sustainability, the simplicity, complexity and suitability of funding structures for all kinds of artists, our diversity, our development and how we move forward from this point. I will be, and am, addressing this on many levels.
There are questions to be asked and actions to be taken.
We are an incredible nation of vibrant heart-full, diverse, intelligent, responsible and very accountable artists, with a worldwide reputation in participatory arts, disability-led arts, children’s theatre and work with older people. I am really proud to be part of that landscape, culture and heritage. We need to work together to nurture, maintain and continue to develop this. Lets do it…..
I am also delighted at all the good news held within the 2018-2021 RFO ‘portfolio’ – Go for it ! x
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