Not Going Back to Normal

Here we are in Autumn 2021. A time of change and creating anew. A chance and an opportunity to work and share and live and be differently. Exciting and unsettling at one and the same time. My constant resource is my on-going daily live practice in my neighbourhood park in Edinburgh, and at times now in other nearby outdoor spaces and places in our gorgeous glorious land. I have found a real home, place of connection and belonging, a vitality, spark and hope for the future in this way of working and connecting to myself and the land and the making and creating of my art. What started as a shy twitter post saying ‘hello out there’ in the depths of the Covid19 pandemic lockdown to connect with others, and also a desire to make visible the wonders of what I was discovering in the connections between body and land.  This was my way, as a choreographer and facilitator of people and their movement, to share and to encourage. Who knew at the time that it would lead to so many things. Have a read of SMALL ACTS OF HOPE AND LAMENT in the WORKS section to find out more, and please get in touch if you are interested. There are films to be screened, workshops to be had, conversations to be shared and both big and small performances yet to be created……

SMALL ACTS OF HOPE AND LAMENT is fundamentally about love. Love of movement and ordinary bodies, love of nature and the environment and love for what we were and are going through together.

Wishing you all a good Autimn season and the strength and courage and support to find ways through and create anew

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