Small acts of compassion and resistance

This, I think, has to be one of the toughest times we have lived through, not just on our doorstep but throughout the world. I have never felt so helpless but have to take action even more so – protesting, speaking out, showing up – and asking what is the purpose and necessity of our art-making in these times. For me the latter lies within acts of compassion and acts of resistance, small and quiet, invisible and visible, loud and fiesty.

This Autumn I had the pleasure of working in small ways with Collective Architecture to bring people into a deeper connection with and knowledge of the body and it’s movement. To move beyond excercise as we think of it, and away from body shaming and movement shaming into finding the pliant, resilient, joyful, energising movement strength and energy that is rightfully ours. To move more in daily life as part of living and being and working. To become more confident and less inhibited in our moving selves. To discover and recognise our physical intelligence and learn how to trust it. This is a small act of compassion towards ourselves and a small act of resistance against the two-dimensional ways that we are most often asked to engage with our moving selves. Suffice to say it was a joy, the movement, the discoveries and the great discussions we had together. Thank-you for inviting me, for checking me out, for the initial scepticism and for trusting.

There is more but that’s enough for now. Ah, except for working with some of the young people of our world – mentoring students, sharing practice and collaborationg to make new work. That is where the hope lies for me, in their enquiring, questioning, suport for one another and care. Thanks to them also.

I hope in the New Year we find many ways to come together, share space, resist, feel, protest, care, sing and dance, move in the full volume of our bodies and be there for one another. Warmest and best everyone and if you ever want companionship to discover and free more of your moving self don’t hesitate to be in touch

Video: An icosehedron that I took to Collective Architecture. My original Laban training.


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