Creating a website

….is an intense business, especially for an ‘analogue thinker’ like me, meaning I need matter and actual substance to fully understand how things are. So bit by bit, in an analogue fashion, I am piecing the website together and enjoying the process.

It also strikes me how much documentation material there is for the recent works, in contrast to the older projects, which have almost nothing in digital form.

I wonder how this has changed ‘the liveness’ of the experience for audiences, and hope it makes that liveness feel even more of a necessity. For me I think the availability of documentation, and documentation as a potential art-work in itself, has influenced how I ask audiences to experience work. My recent work has involved more intense and immersive encounters and experiences for and with the audience, both as live work and as installation. I wonder what might be next following my immersion with the web-site.

It’s not quite done yet – projects, images and information to add, the odd inconsistency or wrong information here and there. It’s a process. It’s alive.

Thanks to Richard Cross of Ctrl-X for the design and build; and to Vicky Wilson for helping me source and organise the content.

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