From One Year Into The Next

Looking back over this past year and adding to/updating my far too long CV (by that I mean I have a compulsion and a need to list everything, to write everything down. If I don’t do that, I forget and it flys away. If I write it down though, I can savour it in my being) 

This year has held much more than I realised it had done. In a very different way, more quietly, more local yet with a wider reach, and more responsive than ever to people, place and circumstance.

It’s been tough, for so many of us, but the ability to adapt and respond resilience has been breathtaking and moving.

I feel lucky too and privileged, for I have been in a place that has let me discover much and find new ways forward, ways to contribute through dance and the body that are relevant and resourcing. 

It’s essentially about care, connection and connecting, support, well-being, loving our differences as well as our common bonds, and finding these deeper energetic, feeling and imaginative places that the arts can take us to. 

Here’s to a New Year full of joys for us all. We can do this

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