A New Years Gifting

Happy New Year everyone.
Here’s to a 2022 full of joys for us all
strength and resilience too, no matter what it might throw at us
We can do it!

I love winter, and the dark
So, I always feel I get off to a head start and am lucky

I love the hush of the town
and the land
the silver light of the sky
the sometimes fierceness of the weather
telling me what’s what and keeping me in my place

And moving, lets keep moving
the deep sensuous vibrant feeling of being in motion
not the exercise type (since when did exercise dominate our understanding of what movement can be?!)
but a way of moving that taps into what the body already knows
and that is there simply for the asking
awakening, expanding, growing our physical selves
So, in the dark days of the next few weeks, which I know can be hard for lots of folks
You might want to join me in moving outdoors

WORKSHOPS : An Hour In The Park in Company in Winter

Outdoors, in Holyrood Park, in Edinburgh
(I can also travel within the city to your park or back garden – let me know)
Weekly if you can, but fine if that’s not possible – come to one or come to all

Connecting to body and movement
Connecting to land and weather, tree and sky, stone and earth, overhead and underfoot
Connecting to each other

Socially distanced and small numbers
For everyone, particularly folks who might feel daunted or nervous

We will laugh and enjoy finding the exuberance in our beings
have fun together, alone and with nature
go at our own pace (and our own pace differs on different days)
learn stuff we can have with us forever
Your body will love you for it
feel and stretch and shoogle and strengthen
develop capacity in your body and its movement
in your physical intelligence and knowledge
strengthen and stretch
You will be guided and supported and we will support each other
experience nature through your body – the properties of it and the properties of you
in nature, as nature, with nature
You will dance with a tree
and share (a big wide open) space in the company of others

There will be no counting and no measuring
leaving space to focus on the sensation of being in motion
and the joy of movement
expanding, not forcing


If you’ve an inkling of interest, even the smallest stirring, contact me through this website or DM me on twitter @janicemparker, and I’ll contact you with possible workshop times and to answer any questions


In response to the times we are living in these workshops are gifted
so there is no charge
You might want to gift to a charity in exchange

Also, if you know of anyone who might like this, then do pass it on

And please be aware that you will be participating at your own risk

And I’ll finish how I started
Happy New Year everyone.
Here’s to a 2022 full of joys for us all
strength and resilience too, no matter what it might throw at us
We can do it!

Janice x

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