What I’ve Learned About Women in Sport

I’m shocked at what I didn’t know and shocked to learn the facts….the absence of woman, the language that described them when they were present, the tests they had to endure to become participants in the Commonwealth Games, what they had to go through to be allowed to be athletes.

I’m working on Endurance with A Moment’s Peace and the Women’s Creative Company – a community company of diverse and feisty Glasgow women. I’m moved by their commitment, their research, their passion and their determination, to give of their best, in spite of all the odds that may be stacked against them…just like the female athlete’s that they have unearthed, researched and, through their live theatre piece, given voice to and made visible.

I love working with ‘real’ people, people who are not professionally experienced. I love what they bring to the art form, how they approach it, how they view it. I love their diversity and individuality. I understand theatre, its purpose and its value differently as a result.

I’m rooting for these women. They are going to take to that stage in the Arches and make it their own. They are going to take enormous personal risk. The atmosphere is going to be electric, charged, with their personal energies. They will bring, not only the woman athletes they are researching, but also themselves, into the arena.

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