Glory is a large scale immersive dance event that celebrates the city’s rich Commonwealth community and Glasgow 2014. A cast of over 30 Glasgow people with connections to a Commonwealth country came together from January ’till March to create a dance performance based on each person’s individual movement vocabulary. Audiences are invited into the performers arena to experience rituals and preparation for performance. By exposing the audience to the beauty found in bodies of varying age, ability, levels of experience, body type and ethnicities, Glory celebrates the diversity of the human body, giving the audience new ways to think about movement, excellence, and about who and what is considered elite.

It is really exciting connecting to so many new people with such diverse characters, characteristics and experiences. Some people are performing for the very first time while others are very experienced. I love this mixture. All are drawn by a desire and love of movement. For me every persons movement is of equal value. It’s not the amount of movement it’s the quality with which it is invested.

The Glory participants are a fantastic mixture of Glasgow people who bring a fascinating range and diversity of dance styles and experiences to the performance. There are surprises in store for the audience who will experience first-hand and close-up an event that aims to celebrate what it means to find our ‘personal best’ and to perform the movement we love.” – Janice Parker Artistic Director

Glory considers where and what is home, the journey’s we have made to get here, the borders and boundaries of cultures and communities and what it means to live under one roof.
Glory is available for touring. For further information contact Margaret-Anne O’Donnell via email.