Working On the Website – updating, trimming and contemplating its purpose

So, at last I’m giving some priority to sitting down and reacquainting my self with the website. I hope to be working on it over the next few months, up-dating its content, trimming it down and thinking about its point and purpose in these times of overload and need to be known on-line. I think for me the website is a way of acknowledging and recognizing the people, the partnerships, and the collaborations that I have met and worked with over the years. And perhaps it is a way of knowing the shoulders we stand on. I do know that if the website exists at all then for me, it will have to be detailed, accurate, nuanced and personal. Talking of shoulders we stand on here’s a video of  An Audience With… Variety Era Dancers Doreen Leighton-Ward and Marie Duthie, aged 86 and 95 respectively. I am privileged to know and work with these women. We recently had well over 3,000 views for a slightly longer version of this video on twitter (@janicemparker ) and are quite overwhelmed at the response to one of our regular Monday gatherings at Edinburgh’s, Festival Theatre. Enjoy!

Creative Scotland RFO funding statement

Hello everyone,
Firstly we at JPP want to thank everyone for their support and concern – overwhelming in the best of ways and very, very appreciated. Thank you. We are currently reflecting on and working out what no longer being an RFO means for us and our way of working. We will keep you posted as we develop and change.
A wee word from Janice:
Thanks folks for all your support and good wishes – they really help and mean a lot! It is certainly a tumultuous time and I feel saddened, shocked, perplexed and concerned. I am not talking about me specifically or us at JPP here, though we are certainly in the mix, I am talking about the bigger picture of our cultural landscape, our sustainability, the simplicity, complexity and suitability of funding structures for all kinds of artists, our diversity, our development and how we move forward from this point. I will be, and am, addressing this on many levels.
There are questions to be asked and actions to be taken.
We are an incredible nation of vibrant heart-full, diverse, intelligent, responsible and very accountable artists, with a worldwide reputation in participatory arts, disability-led arts, children’s theatre and work with older people. I am really proud to be part of that landscape, culture and heritage. We need to work together to nurture, maintain and continue to develop this. Lets do it…..
I am also delighted at all the good news held within the 2018-2021 RFO ‘portfolio’ – Go for it ! x

Saltire Winners’ Presentations

We are delighted to share these presentations from our two Saltire Society Bursary artists – Aby Watson and Julia McGhee. What’s been exciting for us is to witness how both artists, as a result of the bursary, have moved into unexpected places and directions and have also developed the participatory and community aspects of their practice. Dance and people – nice!

The bursary finished at the end of 2017 and we wish both Aby & Julia much luck for the future. Look out for them!

Aby Watson Presentation (PDF)

Julia McGhee Presentation (PDF)

An Audience With… at Edinburgh Festival Theatre

Pic Greg Macvean 

We are at capacity for our three shows of ‘An Audience With…‘ at the Empire Rooms at Edinburgh Festival Theatre. Janice, June, Doreen, Marie, Daisy and Katie are ready to dance (and chat!) on 21, 26 & 28 October. Read all about the project here.

New Board Members sought

We are looking for new members to join our Board of Directors.

We welcome applications from individuals with a variety of experiences and backgrounds in:
– dance world;
– small arts organisations and their strategic development;
– artistic participatory practice;
– marginalised and under-represented communities;
– D/deaf and disabled people.

Full details here.

Janice Parker: Disabled Leaders in Dance

In November 2015 Janice began work on a mentoring project in Barcelona aimed at supporting the professional development of local disabled dancers in choreographic practice. The project is led by British Council Spain.

Janice reflects on the project in this extract from Disability Arts International: “The politics of my practice lies in the area of ‘who and what is not yet valued, why is it not and what are we missing because of this?’  When the British Council invited me to lead this nine-day workshop aimed at supporting the professional development of local disabled dancers in choreographic practice, I thought this was right up my street… the start of a new revolution,  new voices and visions,  investment in the next generation of innovative, provocative dance-makers, aiming for excellence… I could go on.

“Ten dancers signed up. We began with questions about choreography.  We talked about the politics of disability-led dance and where it sits in the world currently and historically. And we looked at each person’s kernel of an idea as the start of an enquiry, as an investigation and as a deep desire to make and create dance.  It was a process, not of training as such, but one of sharing and exchange, a dialogue and collaboration that unfolds, where the emergent choreographers were authors from the start.

“The vocabulary, because of the bodies creating it, was deliciously diverse and innovative. I witnessed people work deeply and thoroughly into their own movement possibility.  Some of that vocabulary was breathtaking and hugely exciting. Some of it was funny, or politically pointed.  My belief is that dance needs these new vocabularies. We need innovation in form and function. Art is not and never has been in its essence, something that has stood still. Diversity and difference in body types, languages and vocabularies of movement, and in life experience bring with it the potential for deep innovation, radical challenge and a development of current contemporary practice.

“For me, what was particular about Barcelona, was the sheer number of disabled dancers attending the workshop,  along with their confidence in and awareness of the landscape of their own bodies. They are hungry and on fire, ready to go further into choreographic practice and thinking, and to take risks. There is also real potential, and interest, within the city and its cultural organisations to further develop the existing infrastructure, resources and opportunities for these emerging choreographers to continue on their journey.  Through sharing practice, politics and experience we can do this on an international level and on a local level at the same time, building partnerships and working collaboratively together.”

You can read the full article from Disability Arts International, here.

Unlimited Emerging Artist Commission

We are thrilled at the news that ‘One Way Or Another’ by one of our Saltire Awardees, Aby Watson, has just been announced as one of this year’s Unlimited Emerging Artist Commissions. Congratulations to Aby, and we look forward to what’s to come next. We are so glad to be able to support her on her journey.

You can find out more here:

Professional Development Workshops with Garvald Edinburgh

Here’s a taste of our recent professional development workshops with performers from Garvald Edinburgh. Janice said of the workshops:

‘We so need to value what these performers bring to our studios and stages. Thanks to Edinburgh Festival Theatre and all who contributed.


Performers needed for new work

Aby Watson, one of our Saltire Society Bursary recipients, is currently on the search for fellow dyspraxic performers to take part in her new work called ‘One way or another’. There’s more information about the project and the call out at the link:

1973 at Glasgow Women’s Library

In February, Janice was joined by archivist students of St Andrew’s University, who expressed great interest in the 1973 archival exhibition at Glasgow Women’s Library:


Glasgow Women’s Library: Reflecting on Working in Public

Influential feminist artist Suzanne Lacy visited Scotland in 2007, and invited sixteen artists, theorists and curators to form an intense, unique learning space entitled Working in Public. Records of this gathering found in Janice’s archive are the starting point of a discussion between Adele Patrick (GWL), Janice and other Working in Public participants about creative legacies and feminist archiving, as Glasgow Women’s Library celebrates its 25th anniversary.

1973: Reflections on ‘Working in Public’

A day of conversation at City Art Centre

Some pictures from our day of conversations around 1973 – Archiving The Live, in the stunning top floor gallery at City Art Centre, with a sun-drenched Edinburgh as the backdrop.

Janice in Conversation with our Makar Jackie Kay

In January, Janice was joined by our Makar Jackie Kay, at City Art Centre (Edinburgh), to discuss Janice’s archival exhibition 1973, and Jackie’s own archive and on knowing the present in objects of the past…


1973 – Archiving the Live opens this week

Don’t forget, our exhibition 1973 – Archiving The Live opens this Wed 18th January at Edinburgh’s City Art Centre. Come and peruse Janice’s collection of 44 years’ worth of memorabilia in the 5th Floor Gallery. Engage in some great chat with Janice about what the archive means to her, and to you, whilst enjoying stunning views of the Forth. If you can’t join us in Edinburgh, then catch us at Glasgow Women’s Library 30 Jan – 11 Feb.

1973 – Archiving The Live

City Art Centre (5th Floor)
18/19/20/22/25/26 Jan 2017 / 11am-4.30pm

Glasgow Women’s Library
30 Jan – 11 Feb 2017 / 11am–4pm (Sat 12pm-4pm, Closed Sun)

This performative exhibition of Janice’s personal collection of 44 years charts her practice through time and social history. What began as a memory aid now has a touch of the collector’s obsession about it.

1973 exists as a catalyst and generator of questions, reflections and exchange. Janice and collaborator Luke Pell will invite thinkers, doers and dance-makers to join them over four weeks in two different cities and spaces.

1973 will be constantly active, convivial and performative, hosting a think-tank, conversations and dancing. It is open to the public throughout each day – you are warmly invited to drop by anytime, or join us at one of our special events.

View a PDF of the full exhibition programme here.

The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart: Selling out New York!

The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart, with movement direction by Janice, is selling out at the McKittrick Hotel in New York, and has been listed in the New York Times Top 5 shows this season. Brilliant news for a brilliant cast and crew!

TWO winners for our first Dance Artist Development Bursary









We are delighted to announce that last night we awarded TWO winners of our first Dance Artist Development Bursary in partnership with The Saltire Society. Thanks to match funding from JPP, both Aby Watson and Julia McGhee are proud recipients. Aby was there at the Saltire Awards at Oran Mor to receive her award with Janice.

Screening of ‘You Said You Liked the Dancing’ at Scottish Care Conference

‘You Said You Liked The Dancing’ made with folks from Town Break Stirling was screened to start off Scottish Care’s conference today in Glasgow. What a lovely thing – we hope the conference is a good day of deep and inspired thinking and sharing for everyone involved.

Wind Resistance at Celtic Connections 2017

The Celtic Connections 2017 programme has just been announced, including Karine Polwart’s beautiful Wind Resistance, which features movement direction by Janice. It’s another packed programme with acts from across the globe:

Platform 10th Birthday Celebrations

Janice is delighted to be celebrating with Platform today for their EPIC Celebration Day, marking the end of their 10th birthday celebrations.

The day will feature the première of a specially commissioned film documenting the tenth year in the life of Platform by Geraldine Heaney, live performance of the composition When We Grow Younger created by Malcolm Lindsay in collaboration with pupils from Sunnyside Primary, talks by Matthew Ward and David McCluskey from Sense Scotland, Rhiana Laws, Janice Parker and our recent artist in residence Deirdre Nelson. We are also delighted to announce that Joanna Ostrom and Chris Sonnex from Good Chance Calais Project will present a film followed by a presentation. The day will end with a special performance of Rules of the Dancefloor – perfect for all ages.

“Happy 10th anniversary Platform – what great work and a great programme!”

1973 Workshop at Cove Park

We love these pictures taken by the marvellous Eoin Carey at Janice’s ‘1973’ workshop with over 50s at Cove Park last week:

An evening of dance-themed films at Cove Park

This Thursday Janice is at Cove Park for an evening of dance themed short films selected by herself and young dancers from Cove & Kilcreggan Youth Cafe. The Dance Film Night is for 11-18 year olds in Argyll & Bute with a passion for all and any dance, whether you’re a performer or not. The films will be introduced by the dancers, who will invite you to share and discuss your thoughts on the films.


Dance and Movement Workshop at Cove Park

This Friday at Cove Park, Argyll & Bute, Janice is hosting a free dance and movement workshop for anyone over 50. The workshop is built around her archive of 43 years of creating dance with people (her archive will be on display during the day) and is for all abilities (participants will dance seated and standing) and levels of experience, from first timers to professional dancers. Spread the word!




New Dance Bursary in partnership with The Saltire Society

Just ONE WEEK LEFT to apply for our brand new dance bursary, created in partnership with The Saltire Society. The recipient will be awarded £2,500, plus a membership to the Saltire Society and regular support from Janice Parker Projects.


Workshop in Malmo, Sweden

This week, Janice is in Malmo, Sweden for dance festival Forever DANCE, where she is leading a workshop for dance teachers, dancers and people working within health and medicine. More information on their fabulous website:

Scotland’s Dementia Awards

On Thursday we had a wonderful time at Scotland’s Dementia Awards in Glasgow, where we were runners up in the ‘Best Dementia Friendly Community Initiative’ category for our Forget Me Not Project with Festival City Theatre Trust. More information about this brilliant project soon…


New Dance Award announced

Janice Parker Projects are delighted to announce their new Dance Artist Development Bursary in partnership with The Saltire Society.

 As part of The Saltire Society’s ‘Inspiring Scotland” programme and 80th Anniversary celebrations, Janice Parker Projects are thrilled to be offering, for the first time, a Dance Artist Development Bursary to support an emerging artist who puts people, place and collaboration at the centre of their work. The bursary recipient will be awarded £2,500, enabling them to undertake a project over the course of a year. In addition, the artist will be offered a one-year membership to the Saltire Society and regular support from Janice Parker Projects.

Janice Parker Projects are known for their passion for and commitment to diversity in dance. They want to work with dance artists who are different, who are inspired by people, place and collaboration, to put forward proposals on how they would use this bursary to develop their practice and contribute to the current and future ecology of dance. The artist will have the opportunity to develop a project of their own in response to this call out, with support from Janice Parker Projects over the course of the year. The award will be made to an emerging dance artist, of any age, who offers an imaginative and searching enquiry and can demonstrate how the award and working with Janice Parker Projects can benefit their artistic development.

Download the application form here: JPP Bursary Application Form Final

Janice in Romania


Everybody Dance rehearsals

Janice was in Romania in May 2016 rehearsing a new disability-led community choreography called ‘Everybody Dance’, with Pete Ayres, Kirsteen Mair, Anke Boettcher, Martin Clark, Diakonia Fagaras, ResiDance Detmold:

“I’m working in Sercaia and Fagaras on this and am so impressed by the huge passion, commitment and energy of the dancers. So great to collaborate with, and to have so many people dancing. Fabulous!”

Seeking new members of the JPP Board

Board of Directors,
Janice Parker Projects CIC
(part-time, voluntary)

We welcome applications from individuals with a variety of experiences and backgrounds in:

An interest in arts & equalities.

Time commitment:

– A maximum of 6 meetings’ a year (minimum 4) in Edinburgh for 2-3 hours at a time.
– Papers will be sent approx. seven days in advance to give Directors the chance to review.
– Occasional email conversations between meetings if an important area needs actioned (recruitment, funding news, etc).
– An occasional phone call where specific advice is needed on an area that the Director has specialist experience/knowledge of.

Application: please download the JPP Board JD here (next deadline is 30 April 2016).


Wanted: General Manager (Maternity Cover)

We are a seeking a
General Manager
(maternity cover: 1st June – 31 December 2016)
Part-time contract for 7 months
21 hours per week / 0.6 FTE / 3 days’ a week
Hours: Flexible.
Location: Edinburgh


  • Working with the Artistic Director and Board of Directors to manage the implementation of the business plan
  • Processing payments and keeping accurate records of income and expenditure, including payroll, bank reconciliation, HMRC reports and payments
  • Managing project budgets, producing quarterly management accounts and budget reports
  • Managing all aspects of day-to-day company / office management, maintaining equipment and stationery and dealing with leases
  • Working with the accountants to prepare year end accounts, reporting these to the Artistic Director and Board of Directors
  • Ensuring annual accounts and the annual return are filed with Companies House on time
  • Coordinating and ensuring timely reporting, and compliance with any conditions, of all grants, donations or other funding received
  • Ensuring that company policies are shared with relevant people
  • Managing communications & contributing to company & project marketing plans as appropriate
  • Making fundraising applications for grants that support Community Interest Companies
  • Fundraising and maintaining relationships with funders
  • Sourcing opportunities, initiatives and funding for the company’s work


Full info and job spec: JPP General Manager JD (1)

Participatory Practice Film


This new film, ‘Mutual Curiosity’, made by Martin Clark and Cara Connelly, looks at some of Scotland’s participatory arts practice. Catch Janice on there, alongside fellow practitioners Drake Music ScotlandJunction 25Moniack Mhor Creative Writing Centre and Glasgow Women’s Library.

JP in Holland


Badge and excerpt from Dance Able conference

Badge and excerpt from DanceAble conference

Following her visit to Barcelona with the British Council and Institute de Teatre, Janice went on to visit Holland Dance’s DanceAble conference in The Hague.

Janice said of her travels:

“Everyone is pushing for more and better recognition for disabled dancers. It was great to meet so many enlightened colleagues, and to see so much exciting, quality work. Thanks for the opportunity to contribute.”

JP in Barcelona

Janice outside the Institut del Teatre, Barcelona

Janice outside the Institut del Teatre, Barcelona

In mid-November Janice began work on a mentoring project in Barcelona aimed at supporting the professional development of local disabled dancers in choreographic practice. The project is led by British Council Spain. She was also invited by Institut del Teatre to participate at a Forum of Applied Arts on generating well-being through creativity. Here she is outside the building enjoying the Barcelona sunshine.

Talent Hub Dance Artist Development

text by Craig Simpson about his workshop

Text by Craig Simpson about his workshop

In November JP enjoyed being in the studio at Dancebase with Craig Simpson and Alan Greig. As part of Talent Hub’s dance artist development programme, Craig was mentored by Alan to develop his teaching and workshop leading skills.

Janice in Hamburg

Here We Are Dance Company, Hamburg

Here We Are Dance Company, Hamburg

In September, Janice was in Hamburg with dancers from ‘Here We Are’ Dance Company and director Anke Boettcher, working on their new piece ‘Do It Yourself’.

From Janice:

“It was great to work at such depth and detail with each individual on the processes of making work for performance. It was particularly meaningful because I first worked with some of these, then, first-time dancers, nine years ago as part of of a big development project by Royston Maldoom. Powerful legacy. They’ve gone from strength to strength!”

WANTED: Company Management Services

Company Management Services – Description of Services

Janice Parker Projects (JPP) is seeking an arts professional to provide Company Management Services at this pivotal point in the company’s development as a new Regularly Funded Organisation in Creative Scotland’s national portfolio. The role will support the development of the company and will manage and deliver effective administration, ensuring high quality, timely and efficient financial, administrative and operational systems are in place. The role also includes planning and coordination of projects; administrative support for company board and project teams; financial and grant management; and assisting the Artistic Director with fundraising.


The role is for 3 days per week and will be offered initially as a freelance contract, with personnel based in their own home / office in the short term. The contract will be offered for a 6 month period, thereafter we are aiming for this to be a permanent role within Janice Parker Projects.

FEE: circa £1300-£1500 per month depending on experience

REPORTS TO: Artistic Director and JPP Board

LOCATION: Janice Parker Projects is based in Edinburgh and works across Scotland, UK and internationally. Ideally the candidate will be Edinburgh based.


Company management and administration

  • Ensuring that all administrative, financial and reporting systems are effective and up to date
  • Fulfilling legal and funding obligations
  • Ensuring that Company policies are in place, up to date and shared with relevant people and that relevant personnel systems are implemented
  • Communicating, preparing paperwork and reporting to key stakeholders – e.g. funders, Board of Directors.
  • Managing internal communications systems including diary
    Promoting the company and its work at home and abroad.
  • Working with the Artistic Director and Board to manage the development, review and implementation of the business plan for the company
  • Working with the Artistic Director and project teams to maximise the effective promotion of JPP events and other activities
  • Collating statistical information as required ensuring that agreed monitoring
    information is gathered, analysed and distributed.
  • Managing all aspects of day-to-day company / office management, including tenancy matters, maintaining equipment and stationery and dealing with leases.
  • Line managing and supporting project assistants as required
  • Expanding the company’s network of contacts nationally and internationally.
  • Working with Janice Parker and members of the current company to manage a smooth transition.

Financial and grant management and reporting

  • Processing payments and keeping accurate records of income and expenditure, including payroll, bank reconciliation, VAT/HMRC returns and payments
  • Working with the accountants to prepare bi-monthly management accounts and year end accounts and reporting these to the Artistic Director and Board
  • Keeping all Companies House Board and Company records up to date and preparing and submitting Company Annual Returns
  • Managing project budgets, income and expenditure and ensuring project budgets are regularly monitored and reported.
  • Coordinating and ensuring timely reporting, and compliance with any conditions, of all grants, donations or other funding received
  • Supporting additional fundraising including applications for grants and trusts as appropriate

Project management:

  • Assisting in the creative and strategic planning for projects and productions in association with the artistic director and company associates
  • Building relationships and managing negotiations and contracts with potential co-producers, venues and stakeholders
  • Building, contracting and supporting project teams
  • Managing project finances
  • Setting and managing timeframes and deadlines in line with Creative Scotland agreements and project needs
  • Fundraising and maintaining relationships with funders
  • Sourcing opportunities, initiatives and funding for the company’s work

Essential experience and skills:

  • 3+years working in arts management, with particular experience of implementing and maintaining company / administrative systems and processes
  • Excellent administrative skills and a meticulous approach to your work with great attention to detail
  • Values people and experience in working with a range of people
  • Excellent interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills
  • Commitment to equal opportunities and access to the arts for all
  • The ability to work both closely as a team and be self-motivated
  • Excellent financial and budget management skills, including cash-flow and financial reports.
  • Excellent planning, project and event management skills
  • Enthusiasm for the arts in particular dance, equalities and social inclusion

How to apply:
Please send a CV and a covering letter detailing why you would like to work with Janice Parker Projects and support the company development and what you could bring to the role.

Please email your application to

Application Deadline: 5pm, Friday 18 September 2015.

Interviews: Tuesdays 22nd and / or Wednesday 23rd September 2015 in Edinburgh – candidates should be available on these days.

Please Note: We are aiming for a start date in October 2015 although there is a flexibility around this start date.

About Janice Parker Projects

Janice Parker Projects (JPP) exists to explore and create new and experimental dance forms that develop and contribute to our experience and expectations of who can dance and what dance can be.

The core vision is to act as a resource and advocate for the development of diversity and inclusivity in dance and performance for audiences, artists, organizations and community performers.

Janice Parker, artistic director challenges the idea of a correct or right methodology for working with disabled people and community performers and believes “there is no one way or right way, there is only art, artists and people”.


Our core vision is based on the belief that everyone can and has the right to dance, that every individual can contribute to our dance ecology.

Our collaborative practice focuses on diversity as an aesthetic language. Taking all kinds of people beyond their own expectations – of themselves and of one another – Janice Parker calls this “the democracy of dance.”

Janice Parker’s practice advocates for collaborative and responsive approaches to creating art, where by people are central to her practice. Her work is constantly experimental. Movement vocabulary is drawn from participants’ natural and expressive movement and body-type rather than from pre- prescribed movement technique. Her aim is to develop capacity, skill, artistry and confidence in the individuals and groups that she works with, be they professional, first-time, disabled or non-disabled performers.

JPP also respond to the social, political and physical context in which the work or project sits. This level of collaboration and engagement fundamentally shapes and drives the work. The result is a process and product informed by and accessible to participants, communities, organizations and audiences. Our unique approach reviews and expands the ways in which all kinds of people can create, participate, experience and appreciate art.

Janice Parker Projects is funded by Creative Scotland. It is registered in Scotland No.SC481039

Everybody Dance

In October Janice goes back to Romania to make a new disability-led community work ‘Breath’. Working in Sercaia and Fagaras and performed in the Casa de Cultura in Fagaras with upwards of 100 people from the local community, the work will explore the humanity and vitality of breathing. The project will be filmed by Scottish Documentary film-maker Martin Clark.

Part of a bigger project, Everybody Dance is open to all ages, abilities and levels of experience. The project also offers a mentoring programme for local, national and international dance artists.

Hosted by Agape/Diakonia, Romania and supported by Residance, Germany.

Photo Credit: Pete Ayres.

People’s Light and The Work Project – The Value of Research

In August I spent a week in Malvern, PA with the wonderful People’s Light Theatre company and our very own National Theatre of Scotland and independent artist colleagues Catrin Evans, Davey Anderson and MJ McCarthy. Delving in depth and with passion into the question of MEANINGFUL WORK we opened a very large vat of possibility and potential. Both ‘work’ and ‘meaning’ are huge topics to research and distil.

It was a pleasure and a delight, and a lot for the mind intellect to engage with. I learned a lot, have much to think about and realise that as a body-based person I can often have the measure of ‘a good days work’ because I am literally, quite physically done-in and exhausted. Knowing that no more is possible at the end of a day is quite a delicious feeling. Ah, the value of the direct and embodied experience cannot be underestimated. Neither can the value of time spent gathering, researching and reflecting.

No matter what the upshot of this week of collaborative work (and we all hope there will be one) has left with meaningful experiences and information to carry with them out into the future. That in itself is a valuable thing.

Creating a website

….is an intense business, especially for an ‘analogue thinker’ like me, meaning I need matter and actual substance to fully understand how things are. So bit by bit, in an analogue fashion, I am piecing the website together and enjoying the process.

It also strikes me how much documentation material there is for the recent works, in contrast to the older projects, which have almost nothing in digital form.

I wonder how this has changed ‘the liveness’ of the experience for audiences, and hope it makes that liveness feel even more of a necessity. For me I think the availability of documentation, and documentation as a potential art-work in itself, has influenced how I ask audiences to experience work. My recent work has involved more intense and immersive encounters and experiences for and with the audience, both as live work and as installation. I wonder what might be next following my immersion with the web-site.

It’s not quite done yet – projects, images and information to add, the odd inconsistency or wrong information here and there. It’s a process. It’s alive.

Thanks to Richard Cross of Ctrl-X for the design and build; and to Vicky Wilson for helping me source and organise the content.

What I’ve Learned About Women in Sport

I’m shocked at what I didn’t know and shocked to learn the facts….the absence of woman, the language that described them when they were present, the tests they had to endure to become participants in the Commonwealth Games, what they had to go through to be allowed to be athletes.

I’m working on Endurance with A Moment’s Peace and the Women’s Creative Company – a community company of diverse and feisty Glasgow women. I’m moved by their commitment, their research, their passion and their determination, to give of their best, in spite of all the odds that may be stacked against them…just like the female athlete’s that they have unearthed, researched and, through their live theatre piece, given voice to and made visible.

I love working with ‘real’ people, people who are not professionally experienced. I love what they bring to the art form, how they approach it, how they view it. I love their diversity and individuality. I understand theatre, its purpose and its value differently as a result.

I’m rooting for these women. They are going to take to that stage in the Arches and make it their own. They are going to take enormous personal risk. The atmosphere is going to be electric, charged, with their personal energies. They will bring, not only the woman athletes they are researching, but also themselves, into the arena.