Small Acts of Hope and Lament



Choreographer Janice Parker presents her reflective filmic series Small Acts of Hope and Lament, shot in Edinburgh on her iPhone 6.


Janice Parker doesn’t usually perform – she’s a choreographer, facilitator and enabler of others. However, during lockdown, she began to dance daily in Holyrood Park (her local park) in what she refers to as “duets with nature”. She filmed herself on her iPhone 6 and the films became a series, shared on social media, called Small Acts of Hope and Lament.

Parker has re-visited these episodic ‘sharings’ to create a new experience for the International Festival. For her live event she welcomes the audience to the space, shares the films and the poetic text that accompanies them. She creates an environment that expresses a love of movement and ordinary bodies, a love of nature and green spaces, and a love for what we were and are going through together. It’s a quiet radical act and gentle rallying call that marks a moment in time and a calling to the future.

Dancing in the Streets is a series of films from the streets of cities around the world. Edinburgh International Festival has commissioned four of the world’s most acclaimed choreographers, Alice Ripoll from São Paulo, Omar Rajeh from Beirut, Gregory Maqoma from Soweto and Janice Parker from Edinburgh, to create short films with their dancers, responding to the past year and reflecting on their relationship with their home cities.

Join each choreographer as they present their film for the very first time.


  • Janice Parker Movement, words and film
  • Tao-Anas Le Thanh Edit and sound-mix
  • Raw Material Arts Producing and management

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  • Supported by Flure Grossart
  • Made possible through the PLACE programme
  • Research & Development supported by
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