Home, At Last

How to create radicle new homes for ourselves as we move into living our older lives?

A commission, collaboration and residency with Raising the Roof and The Architecture Fringe in The Lighthouse Glasgow in June 2019

Drawing upon their expertise and lived experiences in design, self-build, change making, and creative inclusive practice this 2-week residency with Raising the Roof invited the public and experts in the field to contribute to conversations, questions and live-action research. Sharing their political and personal rationales behind their quest, desire and need to develop a new, better, model of housing Home, At Last was a direct response both to personal situations and to current housing, social care and economic landscape. Hosting provocative, bold conversations their key question was “who can support us to make this happen?”

Adele Patrick, Sue John & Janice Parker, aka Raising the Roof are a small group of Scottish based creatives making the shift into living their older lives and facing the real-life prospect of current Care Home culture. They are committed to generating a provocative alternative model that would solve their ethical, financial and aesthetic housing needs and are actively asking how can support be mobilized to make manifest homes that are, affordable, secure, of the highest quality, and embody the changes they want to see in the world?

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