You Said You Liked the Dancing

This sound and image based installation/exhibition is the second part of a series of art works created by Janice in collaboration with Town Break Stirling, a charity that supports people living with dementia and their carers.

In 2012, inspired by the University’s dementia development and research work, Macrobert Arts Centre invited Janice to be in-residence with the folks from Town Break. The first residency, although short, had a profound impact on everyone involved. It concluded in the creation of a short dance film, which itself has had a powerful reach across the world; challenging perceptions of ageing and dementia. In this second residency Janice has exchanged and collaborated with Town Break to create a new installation based art work, a sound-loop and images from workshops and time dancing together. The installation set in a corridor gallery within Macrobert, aimed to entice those who experienced it to dance, in and with the energy transmitted through the sound and visual elements of the work,  change perceptions and expectations of people living with dementia, and also to hold meaning and value for the  Town Break folks who created and performed in it.

I’ve been collaborating with the folks of Town Break Day Services every week for 8 weeks. We danced, we laughed, we shared and we talked.

I recorded everything. I was keen to capture the sound of people dancing – the energy, the atmosphere, the enthusiasm and the dancing itself.

Sound artist Michael John McCarthy has edited this into a sound-loop for you to experience for yourself – either as a moment as you walk through, or for you to linger with and immerse yourself in. You might even be inspired to have a wee dance! (The sound loop last for approximately 12 minutes).

The images by Tommy Ga-Ken Wan were taken in Macrobert Arts Centre’s dance studio. We wanted to capture people dancing in the moment and we wanted to share that.

I am constantly nourished by the enthusiasm and the contribution of the Town Break folks, by their love for dance, their humour and irony, the requests for such a huge variety of music that grew week by week, and by the richness of their life experience.Janice Parker, Artist in Residence April-June 2014

With thanks to Town break clients, staff and volunteers: Thelma Anderson, Kirsty Banks, Rona Barton, Jean Bennett, Susie Connell, Aline Faunce, Winnie Goodwin, Christine Hadley, Robin Lang, Alec Leathley, Leslie Marshall, Agnes McDonald, Janet McDonald, Grace MacDonald, Alasdair Morrison, Bridie O’Donnell, Jenny Rejman, James Rose, Alec Tocher, Ivo Todorov, David Whitehead. Also Michael John McCarthy; Tommy Ga-Ken Wan; Jo Verrent, Adam Scott, Nicola Denman and all Macrobert Arts Centre staff.

Created as part of Macrobert Arts Centre’s outreach activity and Get Scotland Dancing programme, the work is a celebration of the role of dance, music and art in people’s lives.

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