Private Party

Private Party – an immersive and interactive Live Performance in the basement corridors of  The Arches in Glasgow

par·ty : definition(s) usage An advantageous or pleasurable situation or combination of circumstances of some duration and often of questionable character; A group with common purposes or opinions; A gathering for social pleasure, for a specific reason.

Full of punchy and poignant surprises, this strange, humorous and personal work treats its audience to a world of convivial delights. Will you, or won’t you, join the party?

Devised by Janice in collaboration with Richard Layzell and the mixed company of performers Jeanette Cochrane, Marsaili Farquhar, Alan Greig, Nadia Iftkhar, Peter Lannon, Richard Layzell, Vicky McMillan, Kirsty Nicolson, Amanda Noble, Emma Nutland, Luke Pell, Rosie Reid, Rachel Savage, Craig Simpson

gorgeous, heartwarming and good fun ★★★★  Exeunt Magazine

Artistic Director: Janice Parker                                                                                                    Design: Richard Layzell
Lighting Design: Pete Ayres
Image: Rob Irving

Janice Parker Projects in association with The Arches



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