Mahler’s 5th

A Large Scale Live Performance based on original choreography by Royston Maldoom with Orbit Dance Company, Amici Dance Theatre Company, Indepen-dance and traveller dance.

  • Choreography: Royston Maldoom, Recreated by: Janice Parker
  • Music played live by Scottish Opera
  • Images: Brian Hartley

Performed Tramway, Glasgow 2005

Various versions of this work were performed and re-created by Janice for a number of different companies and performers in cities across the world including in Duisberg, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Belfast, Derry and London. Janice and Royston worked together over many years since first meeting when Royston was Community Dance Artist for The Arts in Fife in the 1980’s. Janice began as one of his assistant’s in Duisberg at Ulla Weltika’s European Youth Dance Festival in the early 90’s with the specific remit of including and involving disabled dancers into the Festival – the first time disabled performers had performed on the main stage in Germany. Janice and Royston went on to work together for many years, mainly in Europe, along with Tamara McLorg, Mags Byrne, Suz Broughton, Cheryl McChesney and Josef Eder, creating work, training and mentoring dance artists and developing a number of long-term sustainable community dance projects and programmes. Dance is a human right and we don’t need to be professionally trained to do it or to create something profound, powerful and beautiful. In fact not to be professionally trained can make it more of these things. It is also a way to bring people together, deeply and respectfully, in communication and positive collective energy. Royston continues to be one of Janice’s key mentors and influencers.

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