To Avoid Falling Apart

To Avoid Falling ApartJanice was commissioned by the Travelling Gallery to create a new work in collaboration with visual artist Emmie McLuskey. Together the artists created ‘To Avoid Falling Apart’ in film and in text, based on a movement workshop that focused on the finding of counterbalance between two or more people, and exploring our human capacity for connection and inter-dependence. The exhibition toured up and down the East Coast of Scotland between March and May 2023.

“Both artists share an interest in how we live together, how we experience our moving bodies in society and how we communicate outside of spoken words, honouring the body as both the root of experience and as a potential route to change. The politics of support are intertwined in the actions and the artwork and through the work they question how we are allowed to move, what and whose movement it is we value and where the body and its movement are placed in the hierarchy of Western cultural norms”

You can find out more on The Travelling Gallery website

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