Across A Clear Blue Sky

Live Performance with over 100 community performers.

  • Co-choreographers: Tamara McLorg and Janice Parker
  • Composer and Conductor: Chris Benstead

Performed Hanger 21. a renovated aircraft hanger, Detmold, Germany 2009.

This work was part of one of the European Community Dance Development Projects which took place between 2007 and 2010, in Detmold, Germany and co-directed jointly by Tamara McLorg and Royston Maldoom. Right from the start disabled people were included and involved and Janice developed this disability-led strand of the work. Together along with other dance artists they created choreography and trained and mentored local dance artists and organisations. This lead to the on-going development of Community Dance organisation Residance as part of The Peter Glasel Stiftung, with Kirsteen Mair and Patricia Struffulino mainly responsible for the development of the disability-led work. Both Kirsteen and Patricia, along with another Detmold-based  artist Birgit Sanders have, since then, worked with Janice in Romania assisting and teaching on the EveryBody Dance Project – a disability-led Community Dance project that began in 2010. And Kirsteen, Birgit and disabled performer Alex from Detmold came to Glasgow in 2010 to perform in Private Dancer at the CCA. Janice has also been back to Detmold over the years to work, meet, mentor and dance with both the artists and the performers from Detmold.

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