Everybody Dance, Romania

Everybody DanceJanice returned to Sercaia and Fagaras in Romania this May.  She is artistic director of a community dance development project that involves a disability-led intensive workshop programme for the community along with professional development opportunities for local and international dance artists.  This time Janice also made a new disability-led community choreography called “Everybody Dance” performed in the town hall in Fagaras.

Working with colleagues Pete Ayres as production manager and lighting designer, Kirsteen Mair and Anke Boettcher as dance assistants, Martin Clark as film-maker, the project is at the invitation of Diakonia FagarasCanaan SercaiaAgape Kinderand ResiDance Detmold:

“Working in Sercaia and Fagaras I’m so impressed by the huge passion, enthusiasm and energy of the dancers.  We had so amn different people dancing – well over 200!  So great to collaborate with.  Fabulous!  I look forward to sharing this in Scotland.”

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